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Diggie Skills & Abilities

Passive: Young Again, time will reverse after death and Diggie will become a egg, movement will be possible and Diggie will receive all new chick abilities. The egg form cannot be targeted, after a period of time, Diggie will revive.

Skill 1: Time Bomb, Throws an alarm clock at the targeted direction, it will explode after a set amount of time dealing 300 (+40% Total Magic Power) points of (+0%) in an are and stunning for 1.2s, damage scales with tick time (during ticking, tap again to immediately detonate the bomb, if the bomb is detonated before 2s, it will only slow instead of stun).

Skill 2: Reverse Time, Lock onto the target dealing 10 points of magic damage and slowing, after 3s the target will be pulled back in to the set location and dealt 150 (+50% Total Magic Power) points of magical damage and slowed. If the enemy get too far away, they will immediately be pulled into the set location and be damaged.

Ulti: Time Journey, for 2.5s surrounding allies will be immune to crowd contr…
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Helcurt Skills & Abilties

Passive: Race Advantage, Target near Helcurt casting skills on him will be silenced for 1.5s on hit. This effect has a 3s cooldown on one single target.

Skill 1: Shadow Rush, Vanishes right away and appears at a target location, dealing 150/180/210/240/270/300 physical damage to nearby enemies and silencing them for 1.5s. Using after Dark Night Falls will also inflict an extra slow effect on enemies that lasts 1.5s.

Skill 2: Deadly Poisoned Stinger, Lock onto the target dealing 10 points of magic damage and slowing, after 3s the target will be pulled back in to the set location and dealt 150 (+50% Total Magic Power) points of magical damage and slowed. If the enemy get too far away, they will immediately be pulled into the set location and be damaged.

Ulti: Dark Night Falls, Passive: Increases attack speed by 10%/15%/20%. Active: Helcurt summons the night, making all enemy heroes lose nearby vision and all their allied vision for 3.5/3.5/3.5s while increasing his attack speed by 10%/15%/…

Lesley Skills & Abilities

Passive: Lethal Shoot, Hitting an enemy with a basic attack grants 5 energy. If Lesley doesn’t take damage for 5s, her next basic attack has a longer range, 35% critic chance, and deals x1.3 damage. Using any skill will reset Lethal Shoot’s cooldown.

Skill 1: Master of Camouflage, Lesley enters the Camouflage state for 3s, increasing movement speed by30% and physical attack by 50. Dealing or taking damage will cancel the state. Enemies can detect Lesley’s camouflage through distortions, in their surroundings.

Skill 2: Tactical Grenade, Throws a tactical grenade forwards, which explodes in a fan-shaped area in front of her. Deals damage and knocks enemies back, while Lesley also jumps back slightly. Using this skill will instantly cancel Ultimate Snipe and release its fatal bullets. (Extra attacks will only be launched if fatal bullets have not finished firing.)

Ulti: Ultimate Snipe, Lesley abandons her senses and captures all enemy movement in an area using her mind. She locks onto enemy…

Jawhead Skills & Abilities

Passive: Mecha Suppression, Each time you deal damage to a target, you inflict, it with a stack of Compression for 3s (up to 10 stack). Each stack of Compression increases the amount of basic attack damage Jawhead deals to the target by 8%.

Skill 1: Smart Missiles, Body-mounted missiles enter launch state for 5s, randomly firing up to 12 missiles at nearby targets. Each attack deals 80(+20% Total Physical Attack) physical damage.

Skill 2: Ejector, Tap to enter the Ejector state, granting increased speed and shield that absorbs up to 200(+100% Total Physical Attack) damage, then tap again to throw your closest target to a designated location, dealing 300(+80% Total Physical Attack) physical damage and briefly stunning the target and enemies in the area they land. (Prioritizes heroes. Can be used on teammates, but they won’t take damage.)

Ulti: Unstoppable Force, Locks onto an enemy hero, charging into them and stunning them briefly while knocking back enemy units around the target. Deals …

Valir Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Arcane Flame, Condenses arcane flame over 20s, after which, your next “Burst Fire” or “Searing Torrent” can be cast without a cooldown.

First Skill: Burst Fire, Detonates raging flames, dealing 300(+140% Total Magic Power) magic damage to enemies in the specified location and reducing their movement speed by 80% for 1.5s.

Second Skill: Searing Torrent, Phyrus unleashes a torrent of flames forward, knocking the enemy back and dealing 375(+120% Total Magic Power) magic damage. Targets at the end of the torrent’s range will take 125(+40% Total Magic Power) additional magic damage.

Ultimate Skill: Hellfire, Summons hellfire at a specified location, spewing random flames continuously in the specified area. Each hit deals 300(+130% Total Magic Power) magic damage to the target and knocks them up briefly.

Angela Skills & Abilities

Price: Diamond Price 499,BP 24000
Passive: Smart Heart, Using skills increases her movement speed. Attached allies also benefit from this speed increase.

Skill 1: Love Waves, Launches love energy in the designated direction, dealing magical damage to enemies and inflicting them with a stack of Lover’s Mark (each stack of Lover’s Mark increases damage taken and reduces movement speed). This skill has a healing effect when used on allies.

Skill 2: Puppet on a String, Launches a puppet string at the specified target, dealing magical damage. Immobilizes and deals damage to the target if they’re still connected to the string at the end of the skill’s duration. The final damage is enhanced by Lover’s Mark.

Ulti: Heart Guard, Angela gathers energy to generate a shield for any ally on the map. After a short pause, she will become attached to the target. If you use this skill again, or if the friendly target dies, the effect will be canceled.

Martis Skills & Abilities

Hero cost: 599 Diamonds or 32000 BP

Passive: Ashura’s Wrath, Greatly enhances movement speed and attack speed after successful kills or assists. The movement speed bonus will gradually decay over time.

Skill 1: Ashura Aura, Martis focuses the power of the Ashura’s Teeth to draw in enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of him and deal damage to them.

Skill 2: Mortal Coil, There exists nothing between the heavens and earth, nor in the Three Thousand Worlds, that can resist the might of the Ashura. Harnesses the might of the Ashura’s Teeth, blade of the underworld, to rain down unearthly judgement on his enemies, dealing damage and knocking them back. Use this skill again to charge after the target, knocking enemies up and dealing damage.

Ulti: Decimate, All that lives must die; the only truth lies in emptiness. In the final secret world, only the one true Ashura King shall emerge triumphant. Charges to the designated enemy hero, dealing damage. If the target is below half HP, this skill wil…

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Akai (Re-made) Skills & Abilities

Passive: Tai Chi, Everytime a spell is cast, Akai will receive a shield that on top of his maximum health that blocks 8% of damage taken, lasting 2 seconds, can only take effect every 2.5 seconds.

Skill 1: Thousand Pounder, Jump into the target area, dealing 300 physical damage to enemies after landing, targets within the marked area will also be stunned for 1 second.

Skill 2: Blender, Fires a frog shaped shock wave at the enemy, shock wave will explode on contact with the enemy or once it reaches maxim range, dealing 350 points of physical damage, marking enemies for 5 seconds; basic attacks on marked targets will an extra 5% of Akai’s maximum health as physical damage.

Ulti: Hurricane Dance, Spins like a tornado for 3.5 seconds and starts hitting targets. Each collision will knock back the target and deal 180 magic damage. During this process, the hero is immune to slow down effects, and casting this ability will remove any negative effects from the hero. Movement speed will be increas…