Mobile Legends Yin Hero

Yin, The Kingfu Genius   will be the newest hero coming to be released on the   Advanced server in Mobile Legends . Yin became available for testing in the Advanced server after the recent release of the   Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.40 update . Due to his skills and abilities, it should be noted that this hero is exceptionally strong when it comes to 1v1 fights, this is due to his other form Lieh which he can turn into after using his ultimate ability. Let’s check the abilities and stats of Yin as she makes her way in   Mobile Legends . Abilities Passive – Leave It to Me (Buff) Yin deals  125% increased damage  when there are no allied heroes within 4 yards around him. Skill 1 (Yin) – Charged Punch Yin gains  40%  extra Movement Speed for  2s .  Use again : Yin throws a charged punch forward, dealing  300/335/370/405/450/475 (+200% Extra Physical ATK)  Physical Damage. Skill 1 (Lieh) – Frenzy Strike Lieh smashes an area ahead of up to  10 times , each smash dealing  180+(120% Extra Physi

Beatrix Dedication

Beatrix is a very unique hero, with a very large skill set. She is different from a regular Marksman as she has  4 different guns  to choose from, giving her a  different basic Attack  and  Ultimate  with each different gun. Her  Skill 1  and  Skill 2  are the only constants in her skillset. In this Beatrix guide, let’s see what are her abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her. Passives – Mechanical Genius Her extraordinary talent in the field of mechanics allowed Beatrix to produce  4 weapon(s)  of truly awe-inspiring firepower. Beatrix cannot Crit, and converts every  1% Critical Chance  gained into 1 Physical Attack . Renner Longshot: Fires a powerful shot in the enemy’s current direction, dealing  225 (+450% Total Physical ATK)  Physical Damage to the first target hit ( this shot can be dodged, or blocked by others . Deals  60%  damage to creeps.) Bennett Area Bombing: Choose a location to bombard, dealing  120(+240% Total Physical AT

Among Us: Skeld Map

 Above is the general layout of The Skeld’s map. At the beginning of the game and after each discussion, players will start in the cafeteria. From here they can branch out to any of the thirteen additional rooms to complete their tasks. Every corridor features doorways that the imposters can lock, making it impossible for crewmate to pass through until an invisible timer expires. One of the most important rooms on the map is the Admin room, as this contains a map players can interact with to see where everyone is. This includes when imposters use vents to jump between locations, making it a handy sleuthing tool for the savvy player. Additionally, there are fourteen vents that the imposters can use. All of the vents aren’t connected, so knowing where they go will be important if you want to escape suspicion after a clean kill. Below is a map of The Skeld with the vent locations marked in red and which vents are connected in green.  I strongly recommend either memorizing or having this m

Among Us: Mira HQ Map

Unlike The Skeld, MIRA HQ is a much smaller and more intimate map. This makes it the most difficult of the three Among Us maps to win as an imposter in a big group. When the round starts, players will either spawn at the Launchpad or in the Cafeteria. There are only a few hallways, meaning you won’t have as much space to run around as you normally would. Additionally, the Communications room acts as MIRA HQ’s Admin room, allowing players to view a log that constantly updates with each players location. While this might appear to be a downgrade of The Skeld’s admin room, it’s actually perfect for tracking an individual person you might be suspicious of.  As for vents, MIRA HQ is rather unique since the entire network is connected. There are a total of eleven vents on this map and you can use them to reach anywhere on the map. This makes it much easier to get away, just be careful as you can easily become spotted emerging from one of these holes. Finally, the last big twist is the Decont

Among Us: Polus Map

  The biggest of the three maps in Among Us, Polus allows players to explore both inside and outside an arctic base. This means there’s a lot of ground to cover between rooms, which can be dangerous if you’re a crewmate trying to complete your tasks.  Polus features 15 rooms, not counting any of the decontamination chambers that are required to go through if you want to enter a structure. Similar to MIRA HQ, these decontamination rooms will seal someone in for a few seconds, denying them access until the doors open. Additionally, there are twelve vents (which are holes in the ground) on Polus. These vents aren’t all interconnected, so you’ll need to plan carefully if you’re an imposter.  There are also no vent locations in both the bottom right and bottom left portions of the map. You can see every vent on the map marked in red along with where they can spit you out in green. I recommend keeping this map up if you’re new to ensure you don’t make a costly error. To be clear, Polus shoul

Mobile Legends – 1.5.14 Patch Notes | Revamped Lapu-Lapu

 I. Hero Adjustments [Yve] (↑) Optimized the coherence between her Ultimate and skill 1 & 2. Enhanced her durability and damage according to her performance. Passive (↑): Movement Speed gain of each stack: 2% → 3% Skill 1(↑): Cooldown: 3s → 2.5s Base Damage: 250-450 → 280-480 Magic Power Bonus: 120% → 135% Skill 2 (↓): Cooldown: CD13-10s → 15-12s Mana Cost: 80-130 → 100-150 Deals 70-120+12% Total Magic Power every 0.3s for 10 times → Deals 110-210+20% Total Magic Power damage every 0.45s for 6 times (Total damage remains the same) Ultimate (↑): Fixed starfield duration: 20s → 10s Tap: Damage radius: 0.8 → 1 Slide: Deals 150-230+24% Total Magic Power damage for 4 times → Deals 130-210+20% Total Magic Power damage for 6 times Total damage and duration increased by 30%) [Revamped Lapu-Lapu] (~) Optimized control feeling and animation. Skill 1 – Twin-Blade(↑): The two boomerangs now stay for a bit longer at the destination Ultimate – Twin-Blade(~): Slightly shortened skill animation. I

Mobile Legends – PROJECT NEXT (test) Patch Notes

 Dear Player MLBB has been striving to make improvements and optimizations in pursuit of better game quality and content for our players. As a major part of our improvement plan of the year 2020, we will be launching the Project “NEXT” in the 2nd half of this year, featuring a series of battlefield-related upgrades and the revamp & adjustments of some heroes. Before the official launch of Project “NEXT”, now we are inviting you to join the Phase 2 Test of Project “NEXT”, experiencing some of the new contents including some battlefield adjustments and hero revamp. During the test, if you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us via Customer Service. [Tapping the Customer Service button on the main screen.] Your precious feedback will help us improve the project and provide better game experience to you. For the good suggestions, we will reward players gifts ncluding Diamonds in return. And to express our gratitude, all the players who have participated in th