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Patch Notes 1.1.68 -- Cyclops

New Hero Cyclops (Starsoul Magician)

Cyclops Price

15,000 BP; 399 Diamonds, 30% off for the first week!

In order to show our appreciation to our players, we lower the price of the new hero this time! Do not miss it!

Cyclops Story

Cyclops is a giant with only one eye, yes, at least he is in his own homeland. Cyclops were obsessed with stars and skies when he was little. He watched all days and nights and discovered the truth that planets were moving all the time. And this kind of movements, it contains unbelievable magic power. With an hourglass to load and control this kind of power, he became the famous ‘Starsoul Magician’ in his homeland. Planetary movements never stop, hence his strength is extremely powerful and invincible, which, however, made him feel lonely. One day, Cyclops arrived at the Land of Dawn during his space travel and he found out in surprise that there were so many strong opponents waiting him to defeat. ‘I come, I see, I conquer!’ Said Cyclops.

Cyclops Skills


Font color on Mobile Legends chat

Select your desired color code (e.g. FF0099)Add '[]' (e.g. [FF0099])Write your text behind the color code and the square bracketsWatch your text having a different color Here are some common codes you can use:
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Johnson Hero Skills & Abilities Analysis

Passive Electro-airbag, When the hero’s HP lower than 30%, a shield will generate, absorbing an amount of damage based on his armor. Lasts 10s. This effect only can be triggered once within a period of time. Johnson's passive is a strong defensive ability.  It makes Johnson a better tank of absorbing Physical damage based on Armor. HP can easily get less than 30% in the late game for tanks. Johnson can survive more Physical attack damage from many Marksman and continue to tank more damage in team fights.

Skill 1 Iron Sack, Upgrades the pliers. Next basic attack will deal 200 pts of magic damage plus an extra damage that equals 1.5 times of the hero’s armor, lowering the enemy’s movement speed 60% for 1s. If the target is affected by slowing effect, then they will be stunned for 1s. The same target can only be stunned once every 6s. The slow effect is very strong for a tank like Johnson, the damage for a tank is considerably average. The movement speed debuff only happens for 1s, al…

Johnson Hero Skills & Abilities & Lore

Lore Johnson, with a hardy constitution as a rock, when he ran through the dome stadium like a heavy truck, the cheers of girls burst out loud. He led the team to lift the champion’s trophies and achieved his peak of his life as a super quarterback with millions fans around. However, fortune is always fickle. A little girls rushed to the road in a sudden while Johnson was driving his sport car. To avoid hitting on the little girl, his car crashed severely. Massive hemorrhage was going to take away his life soon in a minute. At that moment, a miracle occurred, that the wreckage of the sport car started to blend into Johnson’s body by a mystery force. Consequently, he not only just survived from the crash, also became a magical new human who can transform to a sport car.

Passive: Electro-airbag, When the hero’s HP lower than 30%, a shield will generate, absorbing an amount of damage based on his armor. Lasts 10s. This effect only can be triggered once within a period of time.


Mobile Legends 1.1.64 Patch Notes

New Hero – Johnson

Price: 32,000 Battle Points; 599 Diamonds, 30% off for the first week.

New Skins

Johnson – Fire Chief: 269 Diamonds
Fanny – Punk Princess: Exclusive Skin for Season 3.
New Features & Events

1. Changes the rule of credit score. Now players with a credit score that’s lower than 90 pts will no longer be able to play the Ranked Game. Players with a credit score lower than 60 pts can only play Human VS AI mode and restore credit scores by keeping a good manner in this mode. And of course, we will continue to observe the performance of this rule and preserve our rights to make more adjustments on the rule.

Now the judgment towards battleground reports is more restrict. Players who are reported will receive extra punishment of deducting credit score once the reports are verified.

2. Draft Pick Mode
Adds a new gameplay in the Custom Mode: Draft Pick. Players can ban the other team’s heroes when playing invitation game together in the Custom Mode. This gameplay will be …

Tanky/Damage Freya Build, Guide & Analysis

Freya is a fighter in Mobile Legends. It has one of the most powerful Crowd-Control abilities and strong early game presence due to its high damage early game base stats. However, Freya can still be strong in the late-game if built and played correctly, in terms of damage. Freya can be a strong support/tank, if built tanky because of her strong Crowd-Control abilities on enemies.  Freya can be a high Attack Damage Tank, being one of the strongest hybrid roles in the game.

You can obtain Freya character by purchasing any value of gems in the game. Moonton calls it recharging.

A key build to Freya and many other melee characters is "Crazed Reaper". It has a considerably strong Physical Power of +65, a great attack speed boost of 20% and a strong +300HP for survival. It has a very strong Unique Passive for all melee characters: Basic attacks will increase hero's movement speed by 10%, allowing the character to chase down and keep striking the enemy hero. Another Unique Pass…

Mobile Gaming - Truly For For You?

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First Look at Autobot Johnson Abilities & Gameplay

Take a look at the video and learn more about the new Hero that is going to be released. I believe that this new hero is most likely a tank. I really love how the ultimate of this hero can benefit an ally (or more?) in movement speed and its strong stun buff.

Writing Mobile Legends Posts

Indeed, one person writing about so many things and features in the game is very demanding. I am now allowing everyone who has interests in Mobile Legends to be able to write in and contribute to the blog posts about the game. I want everyone to be able to participate actively and provide good tips and tricks for Mobile Legends and give us good content to publish every day.

I find it extremely taxing and tiring, especially in my busy schedule to publish and create so many posts about the game as the game keeps updating and releasing new features and heroes. I am opening up this website to allow everyone to be able to be a part of this blog and contribute their creative minds to writing great posts about the game and its attributes.

Update: AFK Punishment and Matchmaking System

Mobile Legends has finally come to a realisation that there are many AFK players in the game in both ranked and normal games that they decide to do something to fix it. This is a message that they have sent to all players:

Dear player,
In thee game, we are unable eliminate all AFK behaviors. However, to maintain the fairness and competitiveness of the game, we will carry out severe measure to punish those who have AFK behaviors in battles. Those AFK players will be unable to get any kind of rewards from that game and will lose their credit score and if the credit score is too low, they will be banned from the Ranked Game. As regard the Ranked Game, we made another improvement on its matching system in patch version 1.1.64, which now can find comparable opponent for you more precisely. Thank you very much for your great support to our game. It is still uncertain what more they can do to AFK players because they are already causing many AFK players to get "No Reward" in an earl…

Alpha Abilities & Skills

Go Beta! Passive Using skills will summon Beta to attack and mark the target. Beta will attack the target continuously after 2 mark(s), dealing 180 pts of true damage in total.

Rotary Impact Skill Launches a slash forwards, dealing 235 pts of physical damage to the enemies a long the way and lower their movement speed 60%, lasting 2s. After the light wave launches, Beta will follow its trace to strafe, dealing 95 pts of physical damage.
Force Swing Skill After powering up for a while the hero will strike forwards in a conical area and deal 245 pts of physical damage to enemies and slow them down. Every hit on an enemy will increase self’s attack speed by 5% and restore 85 pts of HP. While powering up, Beta will strafe at enemies along the edge of attack range, dealing 105 pts of physical damage.

Spear of Alpha Skill/Ultimate Wields the light spear powerfully, stunning the target when it hits. The hero will be pulled to the hit enemy, dealing 355 pts of physical damage to enemies along…

Yi Shun-Shin's Lore

Chungmugong Yi Sun-shin was a famous general in an Asian kingdom. He was extremely loyal and of prowess. At the time when the nation was in danger, Yi Sun-shin built a powerful navy and created the iron armored ‘turtle ship’, making indelible contribution to Korea Kingdom for dominating around sea areas. ‘Wherever iron turtle ships sail on, the sea areas belong to me.’ said Yi. Yi was excellent at ‘overtaking majority with the minority’. Under the leadership of Him, Korean navy defeated over 330 enemy warships with only 12 ships, gaining the great triumph of Battle of Myeongnyang. To this day, the legend of this Asian general still lives on in the people’s hearts.

Yi Sun-Shin Abilities & Skills

Heavenly Vow Passive Yi chooses his longbow or glaive to attack according to his distance from the target. Using skills or the glaive to attack will impose the bleeding effect on the enemies, injuring them (dealing true damage to moving enemies) and slowing them down. A naval fleet will be summoned to the allied base and strengthen it. The hero can board the turtle ship beside the base periodically and get buffs.

One-wave Sweep Skill Wields the glaive and slashes forwards while jumping backwards, dealing 160/190/220/250/280/310 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way and lowering their movement speed by 40%/40%/40%/40%/40%/40%, lasting 2/2/2/2/2/2s. When Yi is on the Turtle Ship, the ship will dash towards the target, dealing 200/235/270/305/340/375 pts of physical damage to the first enemy it collides with and other nearby enemies, stunning them for 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5s.

Blood Floods Skill Shoots a piercing arrow with full strength, dealing 240/265/290/315/340/365 pts of…

Miya Abilities & Skills

Turbo Passive
Each time a basic attack hits a target, the hero’s attack speed will increase 4%, lasting 3 seconds and stacking up to 10 times.

Fission Shot Skill After use, each basic attack will fire two split arrows, dealing 10 points of physical damage to the main target. Lasts 4s.

Rain of Arrows Skill Shoots a barrage of arrows towards an area, dealing 5 hits of damage to enemies. Each hit deals 50 pts of physical damage. The arrow storm will slow the enemy, and after 4 hits, the enemy will be frozen in place for 1s.

Turbo Stealth Skill/Ultimate Use to remove all movement-impairing effects from yourself and become invisible for 1s. Also raise your attack speed by 35% for 6s and raise movement speed for you and nearby teammates by 45% for 2.5s.

Miya's Lore

Miya was born in the Temple of the Moon and studied hard to one day become a worthy sacrifice to the moon god. But when the fires of war of the race man and orcs reached the moonlit shores of the moon elves’ lakeside habitat, Miya rose up and led forth her countrymen in defiance of foreign invaders. Despite their best efforts, Miya and her fellow elves were finally forced by the countless enemy horde to make a last stand in the Temple of the Moon as Miya knelt in the center of the temple to offer prayers for one last time, just as the great army of man and orcs were about destroy this sacred place, a miracle occurred. The moon god answered Miya’s prayer and blessed her longbow with an ancient and powerful blessing. Miya grasped the bow and fired and arrow, which was transformed into an eagle spirit by the power of the stars, splitting the enemy army asunder. Miya led her countrymen out of the temple, raining showers of star-wrought arrows upon the enemy with each pull of her bow. Mea…

Moskov Abilities & Skills

Spear Of Quiescence Passive
Moskov’s basic attack can penetrate the targets and deal damage to enemies behind them. Hitting enemies successfully will reduce the cooldown of Abyss Walker and Spear of Death.

Abyss Walker Skill
Moskov uses the power of shadow to teleport to the specified position, enhancing attack’s penetration ability and increasing attack speed.

Spear of Death Skill
Moskov strikes at an enemy hero with full strength, dealing physical damage and knocking back the target. If the knocked-back target collides with another enemy hero, then both enemies will receive physical damage and be stunned. If the target hits obstacles, it will be stunned.

Spear of Destruction Ultimate
Moskov throws out the Spear of Destruction after powering up shortly, dealing physical damage to enemies along a straight line. For each enemy it hits, it will provide a buff of increasing attack power to Moskov which can stack up.

Kagura Abilities & Skills

Yin Yang Gathering Passive When the Qing Ming Umbrella and the hero become as one, generates a shield absorbing 300 pts of damage and stuns nearby enemies, slowing them down. This effect can only be triggered per 3.5s at most.

Seimei Umbrella Open Skill
Cooldown: 5
Mana Cost: 50
Moves Qing Ming Umbrella to the designated area, dealing 330 pts of magic damage to the enemies along the way and lowering their movement speed by 50%.

Rasho Umbrella Flee Skill
Cooldown: 12
Mana Cost: 80
With Seimei umbrella: releases the hero from any movement-imparing effects, moving to the specified direction and leaving the umbrella on the spot. Without Seimei Umbrella: moves to the umbrella and deals 205 pts of magical damage to the target enermies.

Yin Yang Overturn Skill/Ultimate
Cooldown: 40
Mana Cost: 65
With Seimei Umbrella: deals 400 pts of magical damage, knocking back the nearby enemies and slowing them down. Without Seimei umbrella: generates a link with the umbrella in 6s, and refresh the skill Seimei Umb…