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Roger Skill Analysis

Passive [Full Moon Curse]:
Human Form: Basic attacks lower enemy movement speed by 20%.
Wolf Form: Basic attacks deal additional damage equal to HP already lost by the enemy target (the bonus damage is capped dat 60 versus Jungle Monsters).
– In Human Form it’s a nice tool to have for kiting and to slow enemies who are trying to escape.
– In Wolf Form it’s a very strong feature to increase your damage output “for free”.

1st Skill – Human Form [Full Bore]:
Roger shoots twice in the same direction dealing Physical Damage. The first projectile lowers enemy movement speed, the second projectile lowers enemy armor.
– It’s a nice long range skillshot, not one of the easiest to hit but when it hits it’s very strong for all its features: the strong damage, the good movement speed slow and the nice armor reduction.

1st Skill – Wolf Form [Lycan Pounce]:
Roger leaps to a target dealing Physical Damage, the skill can hit up to 3 total closeby targets. During the attack Roger is immune and untarge…