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Pharsa Skills & Abilities

Pharsa Price
Diamond Price 599,BP 32000
Pharsa Skills
Passive: Spiritual Unity, Every once a while, Verri enters the Hunting state, during which Pharsa deals extra 300(+80% total magic power) magic damage and slows enemies.

Skill 1: Wings by Wings, Pharsa becomes a mist around Verri, flying over terrains for 5s. She leaves the state once being crowd controlled. Passive: Permanently increases magic power by 30/40/50/60/70/80.

Skill 2: Energy Impact, Releases magic energy, dealing 350/390/430/470/510/550(+130% total magic damage) magic damage to a line of enemies.

Ulti: Feathered Air Strike, Pharsa flies into the air and then launches a bombardment in a target area, dealing 500/600/700(+160% total magic power) magic damage in 13s.

Lesley Skills & Abilities

Lesley Price
Diamond Price 599,BP 32000
Lesley Skills
Passive: Lethal Shoot, Hitting an enemy with a basic attack grants 5 energy. If Lesley doesn’t take damage for 5s, her next basic attack has a longer range, 35% critic chance, and deals x1.3 damage. Using any skill will reset Lethal Shoot’s cooldown.

Skill 1: Master of Camouflage, Lesley enters the Camouflage state for 3s, increasing movement speed by30% and physical attack by 50. Dealing or taking damage will cancel the state. Enemies can detect Lesley’s camouflage through distortions, in their surroundings.

Skill 2: Tactical Grenade, Throws a tactical grenade forwards, which explodes in a fan-shaped area in front of her. Deals damage and knocks enemies back, while Lesley also jumps back slightly. Using this skill will instantly cancel Ultimate Snipe and release its fatal bullets. (Extra attacks will only be launched if fatal bullets have not finished firing.)

Ulti: Ultimate Snipe, Lesley abandons her senses and captures all enemy move…

Building Effective Valir (Hero)

Valir‘s offensive rating via auto-attacks is not something to be clamored off since being a mage, you would rather focus on his spells and that’s where his true power will be shown. Mages are focused on spells and abilities so it is t main priority.

Valir Overview

Valir, the Son of Flames, is a mage hero that specializes in his flame burst powers. However, his pokes can still be damaging as much as he can burst down enemy heroes.

He has a mediocre durability rating, being a mage it’s always safe for mages to stay behind the team’s tanks together with their carries and be assisted by a support to avoid unnecessary deaths.

Overall, He is slightly difficult to master but with patience and practice, you can play Valir easily.

For items go for those who are basically magic items that can amplify your skills and nullify your laner’s attacks. Magic penetration and power is key to obliterate any enemy that stands on Valir’s way. Here are the items!

Valir‘s offensive rating via auto-attacks is not s…