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Basic Mid Lane Guide

Middle lane is usually, I don't know how and why, played with a single usually (again) Marksman character.
Middle lane players usually gets the most farm with rare fights unless ganked by another player during wave clearing. Other than that Middle lane players will farm both closest side of the jungle camps.
As to how much EXP and gold Middle lane players get, here is a simple guideline.

Different Marksman characters will retrieve different levels of farm.

First 3 mins -> Level 5-7
First 5 mins Level 6-8
First 10 mins -> Level 13-15

Moskov is a strong and fast laner, being the best Marksman to lane quickly and go fight Jungle buffs.
Layla may be the worst Mid Lane character, but she is very aggressive in getting kills.
Clint excels after Level 4 at around 3 mins into the game.

The probable only way to counter Moskov is to use Moskov yourself, or to have a Charger in the team that can rotate within 5 mins into the game after being Level 4 (preferably) and killing the Moskov. Do not let Moskov take one Mid tower because it can result in Moskov having acceleration in farm into the Mid and late game.

The top laner, can rotate to steal one of Moskov's farm at Level 1, however, it can be very risky. If Moskov gets to kill you, he will have a higher chance of being out of control in farm. Avoid deaths because of Moskov, Moskov is extremely easy to kill with a Clint and Saber/Yun Zhao/ Fanny combo , keep catching him by surprise and rush his health down before he can react. Moskov every so frequent short Blink skill is strong but with enough CC can take him down quickly.

Stealing opponent Jungle minions is one of the strongest way to stop Mid Laner in early game.
Since Moskov has been released, the meta game has shifted to rush Mid farm and avoiding fighting in the first few minutes of the game.

Jungle buff items are questionable to be built. In the long term Jungle buff items on Marksman may seem good but not as effective because Mid laner gets to already farm a lot of Jungle minions already.

If any Marksman were to use Fury and attack speed, high damage combo to take down the tower already, the next thing to do is find a rotation to gank mid. Stop the mid laner from retrieving more farm from taking down towers and shut the mid laner down.

By Owlg (IN GAME NAME), Chew Jian Yue 16th April 2017


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