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Roger Skill Analysis

Passive [Full Moon Curse]:
Human Form: Basic attacks lower enemy movement speed by 20%.
Wolf Form: Basic attacks deal additional damage equal to HP already lost by the enemy target (the bonus damage is capped dat 60 versus Jungle Monsters).
– In Human Form it’s a nice tool to have for kiting and to slow enemies who are trying to escape.
– In Wolf Form it’s a very strong feature to increase your damage output “for free”.

1st Skill – Human Form [Full Bore]:
Roger shoots twice in the same direction dealing Physical Damage. The first projectile lowers enemy movement speed, the second projectile lowers enemy armor.
– It’s a nice long range skillshot, not one of the easiest to hit but when it hits it’s very strong for all its features: the strong damage, the good movement speed slow and the nice armor reduction.

1st Skill – Wolf Form [Lycan Pounce]:
Roger leaps to a target dealing Physical Damage, the skill can hit up to 3 total closeby targets. During the attack Roger is immune and untargetable. Kills and assists reduce the cooldown of this skill by 80%.
– Very strong damage to up to 3 targets, easy to get the cooldown reset and it makes us immune for a short time, one of his strongest skills.

2nd Skill – Human Form [Hunter’s Steps]:
Boosts Roger’s Movement Speed by 40% for 2s. Making basic attacks during the buff will extend the duration.
– A strong movement speed boost for a short time, mobility is always good to have. It can be used in many situations: to escape, to chase, to move faster around the map, etc.

2nd Skill – Wolf Form [Bloodthirsty Howl]:
Boosts Roger’s Attack Speed (value increases with levels) for 3s. During the buff duration if an enemy hero with less than 40% enters Roger’s field of view Roger will also get a 50% Movement Speed buff. Making basic attacks during the buff will extend the duration.
– Very strong attack speed buff, the movement speed buff is also extremely strong (and it has a nice custom animation!) and you can also extend it for a long time. Extremely good DPS tool for fights\farming.

Ultimate – Human Form [Wolf Transformation]:
Roger jumps to a location transforming into a wolf dealing Physical Damage and lowering Movement Speed 90% for 1.5s to enemies on the impact area. Wolf Form passively increases Movement Speed 25 and boosts Roger’s Armor and Magic Resistance (value increases with levels).
– On cast it’s a very good mobility skill, the buffs given during Wolf Form increase Roger’s mobility and defense, extremely good stuff!

Ultimate – Wolf Form [Restore Human Form]:
Roger rolls in a direction transforming back into a human, he also gets a damage-absorbing shield for 1.5s.
– Nice mobility skill on cast, the defensive shield isn’t huge but it’s a nice added benefit to have.


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